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Escaflowne Icontest
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Theme Week #6 
Nov.30th.2005 09:54 pm
Lost in the Infinite
Hello all! I thought with Thanksgiving holidays I'd give the contest a week break. But we're not back to our regular schedule. As I know the next few weeks will be hectic for some of you because of finals.... I'll try to keep the following themes easy and open to various interpretations.

So, this week's theme is:


Create what you will, from the plains that Allen practices in to the dragon gravesite. People may be in the picture but the focus should be the natural beauty of Gaia or of Earth. Tv Series, Movie, manga are allowed.

As usual, please use the following form when submitting:

URL: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v39/dizilla/e8c5a064.png
Comments/Credits (optional): The Japanese says: myu.

Entry deadline is Wednesday, December 7th, @ 11pm CST. Comments will be screened. Please submit all icons to this post.
Was it all a dream...?