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Week 5: winner

Sorry the winner's announced a bit late. ^^ We only had 12 people vote, so voting is decreasing too. T_T; Please try to vote whether or not you submitted. ^^

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Congratulations! The banner maker this week is wordsgate. ^^ Also, I haven't forgotten about my banners and asiyakei's one as well. I WILL get them done sometime over the weekend (hopefully @_@_@). I've got a billion things to do this week. =_= Till then, please submit your icons to this week's theme, Nature, at THIS POST. Good luck with finals, projects, homework, etc. everyone! ^.^ If you don't have anything, lucky you! XD;
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Theme Week #6

Hello all! I thought with Thanksgiving holidays I'd give the contest a week break. But we're not back to our regular schedule. As I know the next few weeks will be hectic for some of you because of finals.... I'll try to keep the following themes easy and open to various interpretations.

So, this week's theme is:


Create what you will, from the plains that Allen practices in to the dragon gravesite. People may be in the picture but the focus should be the natural beauty of Gaia or of Earth. Tv Series, Movie, manga are allowed.

As usual, please use the following form when submitting:

Comments/Credits (optional): The Japanese says: myu.

Entry deadline is Wednesday, December 7th, @ 11pm CST. Comments will be screened. Please submit all icons to this post.
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Week 5: voting

Ahh sorry the voting for this week is so late. @_@ Thanksgiving break really threw me off schedule. Anyway...also probably due to Thanksgiving week, we only have 3 icon submissions even with the extension. So Please only vote for ONE icon.

All comments will be screened.

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Voting ends at approximately 11pm CST on Wednesday. Results will be posted that day, along with everything else. ^^;
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err...really late midweek reminder

Whoops, so I went home for Thanksgiving break and forgot the midweek reminder on Sunday because I was still adjusting to being home again. ^^;;; This is a really belated reminder to submit your lyrics: Sora icons in before tonight at 11pm CST!

You may submit at THE ORIGINAL ICON POST. :O If we don't get enough submissions by 11pm tonight, I might extend it till Friday. @_@; Please submit! ^^;
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Week 5: winners!

Sorry the winners are posted a tad bit late. ^_^ However, I mentioned I was going to post them late Saturday night so...technically this is on time. XD Also, a couple of you were asking whether your vote is too late, etc. I'm not strict about voting either. It's along the same guildline as submissions, basically. The general rule is, if you voted before I put up the winners post, it'll be counted. ^^

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Congratulations to all! And a huge thanks to everyone who submitted and voted. ^^ The banner maker this week is me, I believe. I shall try to get them done sometime next week. Meanwhile, please submit your icons to this week's theme, lyrics: Sora, at THIS POST. We only have ONE icon submission at the moment. T_T Is everyone still busy with exams, etc? ^_^;; I'm on Thanksgiving break right now, so I have a fair amount of time. =3 Hope to see many submissions!
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Week 5: Voting

9 icons for week five! So close to 10 *reaches out and grabs* LOL. I'm tempted to make an icon myself to raise it to 10, but alas, I'd feel peculiar doing so. XD; *rambles on* Anyway, please vote for your 3 favorites via commenting behind the LJ cut, as usual. Please keep in mind the following rules when voting:

1. You may not vote for your own icon.
2. You may not vote for an icon more than once.
3. Please vote for 3 different icons in order of preference. Voting is weighted. The first icon you choose receives 3 points, the second 2 points, and so on. So please vote for 3, no more, no less.

Please vote in a manner that's easily recognizable, such as:



25, 63, 19

All comments will be screened.

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Voting ends at approximately 11pm CST on Friday! Results will be posted sometime Saturday (probably late night) because I'll be busy Thursday - Saturday. ^^; Good luck everyone, and happy voting!
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